SETTLE FOR MORE: You Can Have the Relationship You Always Wanted ... Guaranteed! reveals how couples are able to live in uniquely loving partnerships, living rooms and lives by simply committing to being loving with one another at all times without taking any breaks from this pledge.  


From Other Authors, Therapists, Community Leaders & Professionals


"This book is a must-read for everyone who is married, divorced, or contemplating marriage, as well as for professional marriage counselors who want to greatly improve their skills—Professor, University of Nevada; President, Cummings Foundation for Behavioral Health; & former President, American Psychological Association, NV

"An insightful perspective on human relationships that goes far beyond today’s chaotic television ‘free-for-alls.’ One CAN have a more satisfying and rewarding life…"Pat De Leon, Ph.D., former APA President, DC

"It’s time marriage has a new belief system…here it is. It is dedicated to making love work."—Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Creator, #1 New York Times best-selling series "Chicken Soup for the Soul," CA


"NOT for the faint-hearted or relationship lazy, this is a book about engaging 100% in the love of life by living a life of love, and Oh! the rewards to those who decide to engage!"—Elisabet Sahtouris, Ph.D., Futurist Biologist and International Speaker, Spain

"As an educator, I can really see how much people will profoundly benefit from this material."—Vicki Wiley, MDV, Teacher/Director of Educational Programs, Honolulu, HI

"I have been using Settle for More as a therapeutic tool for couples experiencing relationship discord. The authors write in a simple flowing style that helps couples to easily grasp and use the concepts of a positive relationship. My patients are loving the book and are improving their relationships."Gail Chase-Pion, LCSW, LA, CA 

"The love between you is palpable. I can see that your model works!"—Dr. Bob Spicer, Honolulu, HI
"The vibrations from your Sunday talk continue to touch the lives of our people. Someone told me this Sunday how much they are enjoying your book and that they were so inspired by what you two had to say when you were guest speakers. Thank you both for letting your light shine so brightly."—Rev. David McClure, WA

"The Merrills’ ideas on relationship enhancement take concepts that are familiar to most all of us, but arrange them in a manner that few of us would have considered. Yet it is the new arrangement that allows the method in the book to be so powerful in transforming relationships, whether the relationship is with a spouse, a friend, or a co-worker. I highly recommend the book to anyone who wants to improve a relationship they are in."—Dr. Richard Kappenberg, Psychologist, HI

From Their Clients:

"Anyone trying to have a successful relationship without this model is at a disadvantage."—Anonymous Client, Phoenix, AZ

"It’s so easy to learn that we were able to "get" it in a few hours over the phone with the Merrills. Initially, I thought the phone would be a barrier to our having a good session, but it wasn’t’!"—Anonymous Client, Seattle, WA

"I wasted years and a good deal of money going down several wrong roads with a collection of therapists. It wasn’t until my husband and I met with the Merrills that we were able to rather quickly heal our relationship and feel close again."—Anonymous Client, Honolulu, HI

From Their Readers: 

"I don’t often use the term "ground-breaking" but that is the word that best describes Settle for More."—Tom Stirling, Attorney, Honolulu, HI

"I’m very positively impressed with the advice, candor, and clarity of Settle for More and give this book my highest recommendation for everyone who is in or is considering being in a committed, romantic relationship."—Cynthia Sue Larsen, MBA, Author, CA 

"It's revolutionary!"—Lorna Jeyte, Owner, Kilauea Lodge, Teacher Mother and Grandmother, Volcano, HI

"I loved this book. The Merrills remind us, with the use of practical examples and steps, how to respect and nurture our primary relationship. This little book is not only readable, it is "doable." I recommend it not only to my clients who are in relationships, but to my clients who want to be in relationships and wonder why the old ones failed."—"Winter" Robinson, Author, ME

"This book reaches deeper and further than you think it’s going to and has the capacity to be culture-changing."—Mother, Realtor, Portland, OR

"We have settled for more, and we are adoring it! Twenty-seven years of marriage with all forms of challenges, highs and lows, often feeling like we were anchored in quicksand! One absolute certainty was our shared love for our five beautiful children and another was that we wanted to stay together. Yet for two reasonably intelligent people, we couldn’t figure out how to succeed! And counseling help was often a DISASTER. Tom and Bobbie Merrill’s book has been positively brilliant for us! Merci and Blessings to both authors ~ What a gift you have created between the covers of your book!!!"—Virginia and Charles Beckwith, Master Teacher and Attorney, Australia

"Settle for More is not just a book. It’s a way of Life"—Maggie Wench, Television Producer, Author, Honolulu, HI