More PARACHUTES FOR PARENTS: Raising Children for a Joyful World, received a Library Journal review, became a bestseller, and is in its fourth edition. Parachutes reveals the power of love when holding an active feeling of love in one's heart at all times while working with children both at home and school. When we follow this protocol, it not only stimulates the development of socially and academically gifted children, but shows us how we can easily live in harmony in the classrooms, living rooms, and other rooms of our lives. 



Received a Library Journal Review


"A Coherent program for the expression of love to our children. A very good book."—Marianne Williamson

"Essential to a culture in need of new ways of parenting."—Jean Houston

"A powerful book!"—John Gray, Ph.D.

"A love and life saver that gives a fresh new look at parenting."—Jerry Jampolsky, M.D.

Praised by The LA Times, The Montessori Journal, Ladies' Home Journal, and others.


From Parents and Professionals

"I highly recommend this book to my students and colleagues." Dana Davidson, Ph.D., Professor, Human Services Department & Adolescent Specialist, University of Hawaii/Mother, HI

"A Triumph! Parachutes stirs the heart and heals family relationships in a way no other parenting book has."—Sue Thoele, M.S., MFCC, Mother/Author, The Woman's Book of Courage, CO

"Parachutes contains so many insights, and the mediation chapter truly works!"—Donna Ching, Ph.D., Professor & Facilitator, University of Hawaii/Mother, HI

"I was surprised by how much I was touched as well as informed by Parachutes for Parents."—Carol Adams, Ph.D. Therapist, Educator, Mother of three, CA

"This book has incredible insights for the classroom as well as for parents. I predict it will be a bestseller!"—Dana Inouye, Teacher/Mother/Grandmother, HI 

"Your book is a treasure that I've recommended to a number of clients."—Sandra Paulson, Ph.D., Clinical and Consulting Psychologist, MN

"It's a blessing to have your book as a reference and support, Thanks for empowering us to be stronger, more conscious parents!"—Mother/RN, FL

"I love this book and find it works with all of my relationships. I hand out copies of it to everyone I know, and am tempted to give it to people I don’t know when I see them struggling with their kids."—Artist/Mother, TX 

"I read Parachutes for Parents when I was pregnant and found that it helped to set the stage for good parenting. I have continued to use it on a regular basis and feel every parent should have a copy."—Jana Uehara, Waitress/Mother, HI

"I laughed. I cried. I learned!"—Anonymous Father, UT

"I've been reading parenting books since my first child was born, but no other book has made such an impact on me, and I'm only half way through it! My patience and ability to love my children in the middle of their trying behavior is already better than I would have thought possible. Parachutes makes so much logical sense that I wanted to thank you for writing it."—Denise Coif, Prior Management Consultant in Health Care/Mother, NJ

"Parachutes for Parents covers more topics on parenting than any other book I've read. The book is organized so that readers can readily find what they need. I found the dialogue sections to be the closest thing to step-by-step instructions on parenting that I've read anywhere."—Melissa Ching Benjamin, Mother/BA, Brown University/MBA, Harvard University/former Real Estate Consultant, HI

"My house was a circus, and my husband and I were exhausted. Then I read your book and was able to get things together faster than I could have believed. My husband didn't even read the book, but was so impressed with my results that he began to copy me. The kids relaxed right away and started to cooperate. They love the difference, and our family feels warm and close for the first time."—Mother of two boys, 3 and 5, AZ

With four children under the ages of 5, I read Parachutes until 1:00 am the day it arrived. The following day— Mother's Day—was an exceptional one with my children. Everyone was calmer, happier, closer! Thank you, Bobbie, for answers to endless questions and helping to bring me closer to my children"—Jane Sieverts, Vice President of Operations, Tropical Trading Company/Mother, HI

"My husband and I were ready to give our kids Ritalin until we read Parachutes for Parents! We can't believe how much better everything is, and we haven't even finished the book."—Mother of three children, MD

"My stepdaughter, a speech therapist in Oregon and mother of two, greeted us at the airport with her brand new yet dog-eared copy of Parachutes and exclaimed how much the book had freed her in her parenting!—Sally Smith, Teacher/Stepmother/Step Grandmother, HI

"I have a learning disabled child in a special school and another one diagnosed as ADD. I didn’t have a clue how to raise children and read voraciously about parenting. But, nothing ever clicked or seemed to help until I read Parachutes for Parents. My sister read it too and she calls me from Arizona excited about how she is now handling her kids-and believe me they are a couple of challenges!!"—Anonymous, Mother of two children with special needs, OR